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We Are A Specialist Of Special & Drawing Parts In Precision Machining

Khang Thien Phuoc Co., Ltd was established in 2014, specializing in research, development, manufacturing, and processing a variety of screw products, fasteners, rivets, pins, nuts, turning parts, and mechanical components for use in agriculture, automotive, electronics, industrial, medical, and other sectors. Our operations rely on modern CNC machines renowned for high-speed processing and absolute precision. We are capable of producing a wide range of products using CNC technology, working with various input materials including steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum, among others.

We have been providing precision manufacturing solutions for a global market. From prototype to production, KTP delivers quality, on-time components. Our motto underscores our commitment: ‘Quality has always been our number one priority,’ both in manufacturing and in fostering strong relationships


Khang Thien Phuoc Co., Ltd is committed to providing the highest quality, most durable, and safest products for users. We affirm our contribution to the overall development of the industrial support sector, both specifically and generally, with all the passion, enthusiasm, and responsibility of the Vietnamese people.


Our mission is to be a leading provider of precision machning solutions, delivering exceptional value to our clients through our technical expertise, timely execution, and unwavering commitment to quality. We strive to exceed customer expectations by offering reliable, cost- effective, and sustainable solutions that enhance operational efficiency and maximize productivity.

Core Values

• Reliability • Quality • Speed • Cost • Dedication • Creativity • Professionalism • Effort


Projects were successfully completed


Product units annually and still rising

20% CAGR

In the last 5 years


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We strive to exceed customer expectations by offering reliable, cost- effective, and sustainable solutions that enhance operational efficiency and maximize productivity.

We Follow International Operation Standards

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