gia công ốc vít bu lông

Screw machine parts, Bolts

KhangThien Phuoc provides diverse products with good quality for customers throughout the country and abroad such as:
– Link bolts, copper bolts, steel bolts, stainless steel bolts, aluminum bolts, …
– Copper plated bolts, iron plated bolts, galvanized bolts
– Screws, screw screws, rivets, screws, cable fasteners
– Provide all kinds of bolts by CNC turning machines. 

We supply all sorts of fasteners in cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, electrical appliances, household appliances and medical equipment with diameter ranged between 2.0mm and 40.0mm.

insert, nut, pin, rivet


KhangThien Phuoc Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing insert products, nut, pin, rivet, thread rod, … from copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, … according to drawings and customer requests.

With the slogan “RELIABILITY, QUALITY, PROGRESS, PRICE”,KhangThien Phuoc always satisfies customers. Our products always reach the highest quality by a team of skilled workers, leading modern CNC machines in Vietnam.

Connector &  coupler

Fasteners are tools for molds and are essential in the mold industry, there are many types such as custom pins, screw fasteners, lock pins, push pins, oblique pins, …
We process bolts according to drawings, forms and specifications available on the customer’s drawings.
With several years of experience in mechanical processing on the most modern machinery and equipment, we will make customers feel secure and confident.
Experienced staffs also come from well-known training schools in the field of mechanical engineering in Vietnam and are very enthusiastic to work with customers to complete products well.

Precision parts

With tradition and years of experience in automatic precision CNC turningmachines, we always secure the quality, schedule, high processing accuracy with the lowest and most reasonable prices.
We have been modernizing machinery and equipment, establishing a CNC machining center with a full range of high quality precision mechanical processing auxiliary machines. In addition, there is a team of engineers and technicians who have the expertise and discipline along with the united workers.
We commit to bring our customers the highest satisfaction about product quality and delivery time.